Vision & Mission


Iqra English School aims to provide each child with a high standard of education to help him/her be well-informed, well-rounded, God-conscious, confident and a caring individual. Through our efforts, every child will be highly motivated to try to reach his/her full potential; thus preparing our children for life.


Iqra English School is a private educational institution founded in 2007 with three branches in Doha City, namely a Girls School, a Boys School and a Preschool. The school provides internationally acknowledged English medium programs plus Arabic and Islamic studies for children from the ages of 3 -12. We help our students achieve their own personal potential by transforming them into God-conscious, highly motivated, caring and responsible global citizens.

Our Goals

We aim at helping all our students achieve their potential through the following:

* Instilling in each child the importance of putting God in the center of his/her life
* Maintaining a safe and an educationally stimulating school environment
* Enhancing the total progress of the child’s 5 aspects of development mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social
* Employing highly qualified educators to guide and hone each child to be the best s/he can be
* Attaining good academic progress through the use of varied learning and teaching techniques
* Regularly assessing school programs to ensure that they meet international standards and are appropriate to the needs of our students
* Setting high standards with regards to our admission policy to ensure that only students who we believe will benefit from our various programs and who are of good ability and character are   admitted
* Instilling in each child the importance of awareness of various traditions, cultures and values, especially the Arabic language and Islamic culture;
* Promoting self-respect and respect for others
* Making learning a fun and enjoyable experience for the children;
* Working hand-in-hand with parents and the community to ensure that our goals are achieved