Welcome to IQRA English School for Girls; a happy place where precious little girls between the ages of 5 and 12 years are carefully moulded into highly-educated, God-conscious, enthusiastic, independent learners; a place where students with lively, enquiring minds learn to think critically and to apply their new knowledge.

We pride ourselves on the quality of teaching we offer in a stimulating, welcoming environment, supported by top-quality resources. Our teachers are all dedicated, enthusiastic individuals with a passion for education.  We accept that every child is unique, requiring individualised encouragement, recognition and support for them to develop and achieve their own personal potential. Mutual respect and care for others and the environment are the foundation of our multinational school community.  Our Islamic ethos is clearly reflected in every aspect of our school; from uniform and conduct policies, to lessons and activities.  

We invite you to join hands with us as we guide these enquiring minds on an inspiring journey of learning by exposing them to a multitude of various challenges and opportunities, equipping them with the life skills necessary for a successful future!

Mrs. Alison Stander