Founded in 2006, IQRA English Preschool is a private educational institution, nestled in Al Hilal – Doha, Qatar. The school provides internationally acknowledged English medium programs plus Islamic/Arabic studies for children from the ages of 3 - 5, transforming young individuals into God-conscious, highly motivated, caring and responsible global citizens.

We ensure that our students feel secure developing their self-confidence in a supportive, busy and active environment where learning is central to all we do. Children are encouraged to work and play together, to share and to think of others. Our school strives to be a place where both students and staff respect each other and enjoy working in harmony together. We have high expectations for our students and we work hard to help them to realize their potential. We recognize children’s diverse abilities and interests, and thus provide a wide range of programs to meet these individual needs.

Your child will make new friends, meet new ideas and be confronted with exciting challenges!

Reshma Habib